Please note info from the DONA website:

  • Attend a DONA approved birth doula workshop and purchase your certification packet before providing any birth doula services that you intend to use for certification.
  • Your certification packet does NOT need to be purchased prior to attending the workshop.  You do not need to be a member of DONA to take the workshop.
There is an Introduction to Childbirth Course for Doulas (Intro) being offered by the trainer in conjunction with my DONA approved birth doula workshop. Will this complete my CBE component for certification?Yes, if an Intro is offered in conjunction with your workshop, your attendance and completion of this course fulfills the CBE requirement for certification. Tip: Even if you attend the Intro course, DONA recommends that you still observe at least one CBE course offered in your area so that you will know what your future clients may have learned when attending those classes.

DONA International

Doula Training

Your journey begins here.

Details of the class:

Class times: 9:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. both days

Lunch: At noon, on your own.

Attendance is required for the entire 16 hours to earn the certificate.

Location: SW Mesa, unless otherwise noted

What to bring:

1. Comfortable clothing

2. Something for taking notes

3. Snacks/beverage

4. Birth Partner by Penny Simkin


Topics of the class:

1. Introduction to the Doula profession

2. Prenatal Visits

3. Emotional Support in Labor

4. Comfort Measures

5. Values Clarification / Ideal Birth Exercise

6. Challenging Childbirth

7. Cesarean Birth / VBAC

8. Newborn / Breastfeeding

9. Postpartum visits

10. Role modeling & Role play

11. Business Aspects

12. DONA International / Certification